Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration Services Liverpool

JDM Restoration is an experienced provider of stone restoration services in Merseyside.

Skilled in both contemporary and traditional stonework restoration techniques, our team produces the highest standard of work on all repairs and restoration projects.

From listed buildings to local monuments, we offer bespoke stone restoration solutions for all types of historical and heritage buildings throughout Liverpool.

What causes damage to stonework?

  • Cement mortar
  • High porosity stone
  • Incorrect bedding
  • Salt crystallisation and efflorescence
  • Lime run off
  • Frost attack
  • Contour scaling
  • Metal structure expansion
  • Organic growth
  • Birds and bees
  • Acid rain

Our stone restoration service includes:

  • Stone indents
  • Stone cill repairs
  • Artstone repairs
  • Natural stone repairs
  • Stone renovation
  • Stone refurbishment
  • Lightweight stone repairs
  • Stone surround repairs
  • Pillars and plinths

Why Buildings Need Stone Restoration in Merseyside

Merseyside is steeped with a rich and diverse selection of historical buildings, structures, homes, and monuments.

However, these beautiful buildings face extensive wear and tear, with decades or centuries of weather damage taking their toll.

Furthermore, historical stonemasonry in Liverpool also faces extensive damage from pollution, with carbon staining affecting many structures in and around the city.

Various causes of stonework damage may need restoration:

  • Efflorescence and Salt Crystallisation
  • Organic Growth
  • Frost
  • Pollution
  • Acid Rain

No matter the cause of masonry damage, we’re proud to help maintain these beautiful buildings with our stone restoration services.

Stone Restoration Services in Liverpool

Our meticulous stonework restoration processes ensure that these historical buildings are restored to their original quality, removing all façade staining while repairing any structural damage.

We’ll carefully analyse each building before restoration, giving a clear idea of the extent of work needed for successful stonework restoration.

We offer comprehensive stone restoration services throughout Liverpool and Merseyside, including:

  • Stone Renovation & Refurbishment
  • Natural Stone Repair & Restoration
  • Lightweight Stone Repair & Restoration
  • Stone Surround Repair & Restoration
  • Pillar and Plinth Repair & Restoration
  • Art stone Repair & Restoration

Contact JDM Restoration for more information on our stone restoration services in Liverpool and Merseyside